The Rocky Mountain Modeleers is one of several R/C flying clubs in Northern Colorado. Established in 1954 with the primary purpose of promoting the hobby of building and flying model aircraft, the Modeleers continues to be an organization for enthusiasts to fly, learn, and share information. We are a chartered club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), and membership is open to any AMA member. Members enjoy use of the club’s flying site, monthly meetings, informative newsletters, and occasional flying events. In addition, flight instruction is offered to members by our volunteer instructors. Our flying field is located near Wellington, CO. If you ever find yourself in the area, please stop by.

Covid-19 Guidelines



I have observed pretty careful social distancing at our field.  However, after discussion with the other board members I would like to ask that folks wear a mask when in and around the shelter and at at the first pit station on either side of the shelter.   Also wear a mask when approaching others anywhere at the field until you know their personal distancing desires.


As you probably experience in your public and private life, some people are comfortable with no masks and some want very careful distancing with masks.  We also have many older members, some in a high risk category.  So please, consider the shelter area as a public area and wear a mask if others are present.


Thank you,


Durbin Seidel


President- Modeleers