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Club Flying Rules

These rules and regulations are in addition to those listed in the

AMA National Model Safety Code and must be adhered to.  


1.    The field(s) shall be used solely for model aviation and related activities.

2.    Anyone operating an R/C aircraft at the Club's field(s) must have a current AMA card.

3.    Guests of a club member who are current AMA members may use the fields two days per year.

4.    Only AMA members and their pit crews are allowed on the runway side of the spectator fence. Children must be supervised at all times and pets must be leashed.

5.    All trash, including aircraft wreckage, shall be collected and disposed of properly at the end of each flying session.

6.    Alcoholic beverages and marijuana products are prohibited at all times.

7.    The Club may determine appropriate actions to be taken against any individual who willfully and habitually violates these regulations.

Standard Operating Procedures:

1.    Before any 72 MHz (or non-2.4GHz-spread-spectrum) transmitter is turned on, the pilot shall verify that no other pilots are using the same frequency or establish a protocol to share that frequency, if multiple pilots are using the same frequency.

2.    All 72 MHz transmitters must be turned off when not in use to fly, or prepare to fly, an aircraft. 

3.    Frequency identification must be displayed on all 72 MHz transmitters.

4.    For fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, the established flight area is on the runway side of the pilot stations/safety barriers.

5.    Pilots shall be at a pilot station during takeoffs/launches and landings.  Pilots and assistants shall remain at a pilot station during flight, except that glider pilots may step away from the pilot station during extended flights to fly from the pit area.

6.    Air blasts from engines/motors running in the pit area (area in between the spectator fence and the pilot stations) shall be directed away from other aircraft.

7.    The maximum sound level at the Club’s field(s) is 100 dB at a distance of 20 feet from the aircraft; however, the Club goal is 95 dB.


Prohibited Activities:

1.    Being on the runway side of the pilot stations when the flight area is open for flight, except to briefly hand-launch aircraft or to place/recover aircraft.

2.    Flying a fixed wing aircraft over a helicopter landing pad while the pad is in use.

3.    Flying any aircraft in a loitering fashion over the runway without consent from other pilots flying aircraft.

4.    Hovering a fixed-wing aircraft between the pilot stations and the far edge of the runway.

5.    Taxiing in the pit area other than on designated taxiways.

6.    Running engines/motors and/or flying in the parking lot or spectator area.

7.    Flying in a reckless and/or dangerous manner.

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