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“So how does training work?” – That has to be one of the most common questions I get from newcomers to the hobby; well, that and, “How high will it go?” The answers are:


1. A buddy box, and

2. Higher than you can see!


A buddy box is essentially a dummy transmitter that is

connected by a cord or wirelessly to the real transmitter.

The instructor is able to select which transmitter controls

the airplane. If you get into trouble, or become disoriented,

the instructor can take control of the plane with the flip of a

switch. This arrangement has saved many planes (mine

included). Our instructors have the necessary cords and

buddy boxes for most situations; however, because each

brand of radio only works with the same brand of buddy box, it would be wise to ask if your instructor’s system will work with yours prior to coming out to the field.


If you would like flight training and/or help with setting up your aircraft, please contact one of the Club’s Officers to make arrangements. Our instructors/officers graciously volunteer their time to help start you out on the right track, and we greatly appreciate their efforts.

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